Vespa Roadmap

This page lists large upcoming features in Vespa. To make it easy to keep up to date, we're not listing smaller items, nor work that we consider improvements to existing features. These are often tracked by GitHub issues.

Launching soon

  • New python learn-to-rank module for data science.
  • New data logging feature for simplified Amazon Kinesis export.
  • Reduced latency for filter evaluation in combination with ANN.

In progress

  • New sample applications for hybrid/vector search.
  • Support multiple vectors per document when using HNSW - see #24507.
  • Jetty 11 in the Vespa Container.

Priority backlog

  • Support for high-performance feeding in the Vespa CLI.
  • Online learning: Global tensors mutable at a high continuous rate.
  • Global multi-region feeding: Feed once, globally, with automatic resync.