We are located in Trondheim, Norway, where we develop the open source Vespa platform, the automation behind Vespa Cloud, and help our users make use of it.

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Vespa team


Jon Bratseth

Jon Bratseth - founder and CEO

The architect and one of the main contributors to Vespa. Jon has 20+ years experience as an architect and programmer on large distributed systems.

Kim Johansen

Kim O. Johansen - founder and COO

Head of the Vespa Core Team. Kim has 20+ years experience as a manager for development of large distributed systems.

Frode Lundgren

Frode Lundgren - founder and CTO

Head of the Vespa Services team. 20+ years experience on managing teams using and operating large-, web-scale Vespa applications.

Kristian Aune

Kristian Aune - founder and Head of Customer Success

20+ years working with Vespa application owners, developers, PMs, Ops - passionate about operations, cost, and serving quality.

Tim Young

Tim Young - CMO

25+ years of experience marketing disruptive technology in AI, machine learning, big data, cloud and analytics markets.

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