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What is Vespa used for?

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Vespa is a fully featured search engine and vector database. It supports vector search (ANN), lexical search, and search in structured data, all in the same query. Integrated machine-learned model inference allows you to apply AI to make sense of your data in real time. Together with Vespa's proven scaling and high availability, this empowers you to create production ready search applications at any scale, and with any combination of features. more

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Recommendation and personalization

Recommendation, personalization and targeting involves evaluating recommender models over content items to select the best ones. Vespa lets you build applications which do this online, typically combining fast vector search and filtering with evaluation of machine-learned models over the items. This makes it possible to make recommendations specifically for each user or situation, using completely up to date information. more

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Generative AI

Large language models lack information that is recent, detailed, or private to a user or organization. That's why most generative AI systems combine the LLM with a component that surfaces the most useful information for the task at hand (RAG). By integrating vector, text and structured data search, machine-learned relevance models, and powerful tensor computations, Vespa lets you do this better than any other platform, and scale easily to any amount of data and traffic. more

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Semi-structured navigation

Applications such as e-commerce use a combination of structured data and text and need to provide structured navigation - grouping data dynamically for navigation and filtering - in combination with search and recommendation. Vespa provides all the features required for this with great performance, which makes it possible to realize functionally complete applications leveraging structured data on a unified architecture. more

Structured, text & vector search

Combine search in structured data, text and vectors in one query to achieve functionality and performance which is simply impossible with other technologies.

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Machine learning support

Vespa is engineered around scalable and efficient support for machine-learned model inference, and supports most machine-learned models from most tools.

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Auto-elastic data management

Vespa will automatically keep data distributed over nodes, and redistribute in the background on changes. No need to worry about how data is divided and distributed.

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Unbeatable end-to-end performance

Vespa scales to any amount of data and traffic, and is built on a C++ core providing hardware-near optimizations and efficient utilization of any amount of memory and cores.

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Vespa lets you do selection, organization and machine-learned model inference over billions of constantly changing data items, serving thousands of queries per second with latency below 100 milliseconds.

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