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Troubleshooting startup - singlenode

  • How to start Vespa in a Docker container, with an overview of relevant Vespa processes.
  • Vespa startup sequence.
  • Verify services are up by using logs and status/health interfaces.
  • The video goes through common pitfalls like bundle load error and troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting startup - multinode

  • How to start a Vespa instance with multiple config servers.
  • Validate that all servers are started.
  • How Vespa config servers use Apache ZooKeeper, and check for quorum / leader election.

Auto bucket distribution - intro

  • Intro to document distribution using buckets and Vespa‚Äôs ideal state algorithm.
  • Using the Monitoring example application to monitor document distribution.
  • Auto bucket redistribution when increasing capacity.
  • Auto bucket redistribution at node failure.

Debugging a Vespa Searcher

  • Deploy a Java Searcher that manipulates the user query.
  • Add query trace output for debugging.
  • Use a debugger, stepping through the Searcher code.