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SW2 Conference

May 14th, 2024

Broomfield, Colorado

SW2 is a conference devoted to the next wave of software development. It is where a welcoming community of experts will gather to learn about what’s next, years before those topics will appear at other conferences.

"Jon Bratseth, CEO: Building something real with RAG Generative AI is transformative, but in most cases it needs to be combined with your data to deliver something truly useful - this is the topic of retrieval augmented generation (RAG). This talk will discuss how to make RAG applications that delivers quality results in production, at scale. Some topics: - Why RAG? - RAG is about relevance. - Do you even need vector embeddings? - Do you even need vector indexes? - Using personal data effectively. - Quality and cost tradeoffs. - Letting your LLM train your relevance model."

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