2024 Summer Interns

Vespa is a fully featured search engine and vector database. It supports vector search (ANN), lexical search, and search in structured data, all in the same query. Integrated machine-learned model inference allows to apply AI to make sense of data in real time. Together with Vespa's proven scaling and high availability, this empowers to create production ready search applications at any scale, and with any combination of features. Vespa is used by companies like Spotify, Yahoo, Wix and many more.

We are looking for developers for our 2024 Vespa.ai summer internship in Trondheim, Norway!

Apply here!

The Vespa.ai team is 30 developers located in Trondheim, Norway. Our users and customers are #1 in e-commerce, content and financial services, globally. We think Vespa is the best there is! But don’t take our word for it, check these discussions instead:

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